Meeting Time

Every other Thursday at 5:00-6:30pm (ET)

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Presentation tips

Let’s make a great journal club! Each club will be 50-60 minutes of presentation (expect questions) and 30 minutes of discussion. Please read the paper before choosing, plan for 50-60 minutes of presenting, and follow these tips: presentation_checklist.pdf
Note that there is a chance that the author of the paper you are presenting is in the audience.

Current Meetings (Fall 2021)

Date Time Theme Presenting institution Presenter Reading Materials
Nov 04 5-6:30pm (ET), 2-3:30pm (PT) Connectomics MIT Mikail Khona and Mien Wang (Brabeeba) Using connectomics data to test theories of circuit function
Nov 18 6-7:30pm (ET), 3-4:30pm (PT) TBD MIT and IBM Giorgia Dellaferrera Towards Biologically Plausible Convolutional Networks
Dec 08 5-7:30pm (ET), 2-3:30pm (PT) TBD Columbia Francisco Salema Oom de Sacadura Recurrent neural circuits overcome partial inactivation by compensation and re-learning
Dec 16 6-7:30pm (ET), 3-4:30pm (PT) TBD MIT Leo Kozachkov Generalized Shape Metrics on Neural Representations
On the choice of metric in gradient-based theories of brain function

Past Meetings (Spring 2021)

Date Time Theme Presenting institution Presenter Reading Materials
March 10 6-7:30pm (ET), 3-4:30pm (PT) Theory Berkeley Ankit Kumar Transition to chaos in random neuronal networks
Kadmon, Sompolinsky (arXiv 2015)
March 17 6-7:30pm (ET), 3-4:30pm (PT) Theory MIT Akshay Rangamani Brain computation by assemblies of neurons
(Papadimitriou et al., 2020)
March 31 6-7:30pm (ET), 3-4:30pm (PT) Theory MIT Andrzej Banburski Neural Collapse and Minority Collapse in Training Neural Networks (Papyan & Dohono,2020) (Fang et al.,2021)
April 7 6-7:30pm (ET), 3-4:30pm (PT) Theory Stanford Brandon Benson Dynamics of Sparsely Connected Networks of Excitatory and Inhibitory Spiking Neurons (Brunel, 1999)
April 14 6-7:30pm (ET), 3-4:30pm (PT) Perception Stanford Javier C Weddington and Josh Melander The dynamic neural code of the retina for natural scenes
April 21 6-7:30pm (ET), 3-4:30pm (PT) Perception Stanford Austin Kuo Stimulus vignetting and orientation selectivity in human visual cortex
April 28 6-7:30pm (ET), 3-4:30pm (PT) Perception MIT Vinayak Agarwal The primacy of behavioral research for understanding the brain
May 12 6-7:30pm (ET), 3-4:30pm (PT) Reinforcement Learning MIT Gal Raz Learning in Social Environments with Curious Neural Agents
May 26 6-7:30pm (ET), 3-4:30pm (PT) Reinforcement Learning Stanford Merve Cerit Social Influence as Intrinsic Motivation for Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning
June 2 6-7:30pm (ET), 3-4:30pm (PT) Deep Learning/Biological Neural Nets Stanford Marianne Reddan TBD
June 9 6-7:30pm (ET), 3-4:30pm (PT) Deep Learning / Biological Neural Nets Harvard Shanshan Quin Dynamics of drifting receptive fields during noisy representation learning.
June 16 6-7:30pm (ET), 3-4:30pm (PT) Deep Learning / Biological Neural Nets Stanford Gabriela Basel TBD
June 23 6-7:30pm (ET), 3-4:30pm (PT) Deep Learning / Biological Neural Nets Stanford Grace Huckins Explanatory models in neuroscience: Part 1 -- taking mechanistic abstraction seriously Explanatory models in neuroscience: Part 2 -- constraint-based intelligibility

Past Meetings (Fall 2020)

Date Time Presenting institution Presenter Reading Materials Zoom Link
Oct 14,2020 3-4:30pm (ET), 12-1:30pm (PT) MIT/Harvard Dar Gilboa Deep Networks and the Multiple Manifold Problem
Buchanan, Gilboa, Wright (arXiv 2020)
Oct 21,2020 3-4:30pm (ET), 12-1:30pm (PT) Princeton Misha Tsodyks Fundamental law of memory recall.
Naim, Katkov, Romani, Tsodyks (Physical Review Letters 2020) And if time, an older paper: Verbal context and the recall of meaningful material.
Miller and Selfridge (American J of Psych 1950)
Replay video.
Oct 28, 2020 3-4:30pm (ET), 12-1:30pm (PT) Stanford Gabrielle Gutierrez, PhD Nonlinear convergence preserves information
Gutierrez, Rieke, and Shea-Brown (bioRxiv 2020)
Replay video.
Nov 4, 2020 3-4:30pm (ET), 12-1:30pm (PT) MIT/Harvard Wenhao Zhang Inference and Representation in Circuit based Population Codes View Recording Here!!
Nov 11, 2020 3-4:30pm (ET), 12-1:30pm (PT) Princeton Kamesh Krishnamurthy Theory of gating in recurrent neural networks.
Krishnamurthy, Can, Schwab (arXiv 2020)
Replay video.
Nov 18, 2020 3-4:30pm (ET), 12-1:30pm (PT) Stanford Tianmin Shu, PhD Adventures in Flatland: Perceiving Social Interactions Under Physical Dynamics
Tianmin Shu, Marta Kryven, Tomer D. Ullman2, Joshua B. Tenenbaum (bioRxiv 2020)
Watch Recording Here!!
Nov 25, 2020 3-4:30pm (ET), 12-1:30pm (PT) MIT/Harvard Martin Schrimpf Integrative Benchmarking to Advance Neural Models of Vision and Language [1]
Watch Recording Here!
Dec 2, 2020 3-4:30pm (ET), 12-1:30pm (PT) Princeton Simon Segert A general model of hippocampal and dorsal striatal learning and decision making.
Geerts, Chersi, Stachenfeld, Burgess (PNAS 2020)
Video recording
Dec 9, 2020 3-4:30pm (ET), 12-1:30pm (PT) Stanford Jan Lui, PhD Differential encoding in prefrontal cortex projection neuron classes across cognitive tasks.
Lui et. al. (BioRxiv 2020)
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Dec 16, 2020 3-4:30pm (ET), 12-1:30pm (PT) MIT/Harvard Leo Kozachkov How do neural networks do the same thing twice? [1]
View recorded talk here!